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Holding Hands

4 Handed Sessions

What is 4 Handed Sessions?

This is an invitation to work with TWO practitioners for your in-person sessions with the possibility of four handed touch. This is open to all genders, and the only option available for cis men looking to work with us in-person.

It is a somatically based massage that cultivates erotic energy over the entire body. Sessions are individual to each person and client directed. They can involve genital touch, but don't have to. The direction of touch is one directional, from us to the client, and you direct and control the manner of touch at all times. This body work allows you the opportunity to let go of any expectations you have with your body, sexuality or with sex. It’s about getting out of the mind and dropping deeper into the body. Connecting you to your inner heart space and ultimate truth. Oftentimes the first session is understanding embodied consent and boundary building so we can trust your choice and voice during touch.


With these sessions you will be able to better understand the language of your body, feel empowered in using your voice and actively choose your pleasure through clear communication. You will be able to create healthy boundaries from love and embodiment.

Taara & Reia - Your Practitioners

About Taara: Taara started working as a sex educator in 2014 as a non monogamous educator and podcaster with her partner. In April 2021 she decided to expand her knowledge and enrolled in school to become a certified Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker. She is a certified practitioner with The Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education and a certified "Like a Pro" graduate with the School of Consent. She is passionate about supporting people to discover their authentic sexual selves, helping folks to embody what consent and boundaries feels like in their bodies, and providing non judgmental sexual education. She loves animals, experiencing the pleasure of nature and always learning more about sex, sexuality and relationships.

About Reia: Reia started studying Somatic Sex Education in 2021 with an interest in bodywork as a Reiki master, embodied consent and sexuality. She is passionate about bringing people into their body and empowering them to follow pleasure.

Work With Us

If you are interested in working with us, please complete an intake form (below). One of us will reach out with you to arrange a Discovery Call (be advised there is a $10 fee which will be deducted from your first session if we work together).

Please refer to "How to Prepare" located on this website for more information.

Investment = Please Contact Directly for Pricing

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