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Offerings & Services

Bodywork & In-Person Sessions

In-person sessions are a trauma-informed and client-led approach that fills the niche between therapy and bodywork. I integrate somatics sometimes with a hands on approach (and sometimes hands in). It is body-based sex education where you can map and learn more about your body and pleasure.

Pelvic & Genital Dearmouring

Pelvic and genital dearmouring is a holistic approach that focuses on releasing physical, emotional, and energetic blockages in the pelvic area. It is based on the belief that the pelvis can store unresolved traumas, emotions, and tensions, which can lead to physical discomfort and emotional imbalances.

Virtual 1:1 Coaching Sessions

My sessions offer folks a chance to open up and explore anything surrounding the topics of relationships, sex, dating, gender, alternative relationships and their sexuality. I have a wide array of tools and somatic practices to guide clients through experiences within a trauma-informed, safe-enough container.

Relationship by Design Program

This carefully curated program helps couples embody pleasure, notice and communicate their desires, learn erotic touch and cultivate their relationship on their terms.

Book Me for Workshops, Group Sessions,
Seminars & Webinars

Are you an event, adult club, adult resort or expo looking to offer an educational yet titillating workshop, group session, seminar or webinar to your guests? Let's chat!

Workshops / Events / Webinars

Monthly Sex Positive Social in Calgary

April 11, 2024 // Calgary NE

Looking to meet and mingle with open-minded individuals in the sex positive, non-monogamous & queer communities? Get ready for an electrifying evening of connections and conversations at our upcoming Speed Meet!

Embodied Pleasurescape Day Retreat

April 27, 2024 // Foothills, AB

Embodied Pleasurescape is an immersive day retreat carefully crafted for women seeking a deeper connection with themselves and a supportive community of like-minded individuals. This retreat is a nurturing space designed to explore the realms of pleasure, self-discovery, and mindful connection. The retreat offers a blend of guided embodiment practices, somatic awareness exercises, and mindful movement sessions. Embodied Pleasurescape invites you to indulge in a day dedicated to unlocking the power of your desires, understanding your unique erotic landscape, and fostering connections with other women on a similar path.

Naughty N'awlins 2024

June 26-30, 2024 Taara and James will at Naughty N'awlins hosted by Naughty Events where she has will be hosting workshops, recording podcasts and having all the fun! Naughty N'awlins is the largest lifestyle convention for couples, in the world. Taara and James have been to in 2018 and crowned King and Queen in 2019. You won't want to miss this amazing event!!! Click LEARN MORE to register for this event using our code!

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