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Offerings & Services

Virtual 1:1 Coaching Sessions

My sessions offer folks a chance to open up and explore anything surrounding the topics of relationships, sex, dating, gender, alternative relationships and their sexuality. I have a wide array of tools and somatic practices to guide clients through experiences within a trauma-informed, safe-enough container.

Bodywork & In-Person Sessions

In-person sessions are a trauma-informed and client-led approach that fills the niche between therapy and bodywork. I integrate somatics sometimes with a hands on approach (and sometimes hands in). It is body-based sex education where you can map and learn more about your body and pleasure.

Relationship by Design Program

This carefully curated program helps couples embody pleasure, notice and communicate their desires, learn erotic touch and cultivate their relationship on their terms.

Boundary & Embodied Consent Coaching

Get better boundaries, overcome people pleasing, invite more intimacy, improve communication to your relationships, have hotter sexual experiences, notice what YOU need and desire.

Book Me for Workshops, Group Sessions,
Seminars & Webinars

Are you an event, adult club, adult resort or expo looking to offer an educational yet titillating workshop, group session, seminar or webinar to your guests? Let's chat!

Workshops / Events / Webinars

Live Group Program: Relationship by Design

Next Live Group Session Coming Soon!

My Approach
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