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Genital & Pelvic Dearmouring

for individuals

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What Is It?

Pelvic and genital dearmouring is a holistic approach that focuses on releasing physical, emotional, and energetic blockages in the pelvic area. It is based on the belief that the pelvis can store unresolved traumas, emotions, and tensions, which can lead to physical discomfort and emotional imbalances. Pelvic dearmouring practitioners use a combination of techniques, including massage, breathwork, energy healing, and somatic practices, to help individuals release these blockages and restore balance to the pelvic region.

"Genital armour is a common experience in most bodies. It’s a form of self-protection - your body’s organic response to guard itself. We may develop genital armour when there is: physical threat, emotional threat such as shaming, mental threat such as self-judgement, or instances involving all three, such as repeated instances of sexual activity before proper foreplay.


The tissues and fascia holding onto chronic guarding patterns can lead to desensitization, discomfort, pain, tension, and numbness, until the armour is released.*"

*from the writing of Rahi Chun,

The Details

Where is my studio located?

  • I am location in Calgary, AB. Once we have set up the dates of our sessions, the exact address will be provided. *Accessibility note: I have 3 steps leading up to my studio.


Some common conditions that pelvic and genital dearmouring may aim to treat or support include:

  • 1. Emotional Trauma: Pelvic dearmouring can be beneficial for individuals who have experienced emotional trauma, including sexual abuse, childbirth trauma, or past relationship issues. The practice focuses on releasing stored emotions and tensions in the pelvic area, allowing for emotional healing and resolution.

  • 2. Body Tension and Discomfort: Pelvic dearmouring can help individuals who experience chronic tension, pain, or discomfort in the pelvic region. It aims to release muscular and energetic blockages, promoting relaxation and restoring balance to the pelvic area.

  • 3. Sexual Dysfunction: Pelvic dearmouring may assist individuals dealing with sexual dysfunction, such as difficulties with arousal, orgasm, or intimacy. By releasing emotional and physical blockages in the pelvic area, it can help individuals reconnect with their sexuality and enhance their sexual experiences.

  • 4. Self-Exploration and Empowerment: Pelvic dearmouring can also be a tool for self-exploration, empowerment, and personal growth. It encourages individuals to connect with their bodies, emotions, and sensuality, promoting a deeper understanding and acceptance of oneself.

How long is each session?

  • These sessions are offered as immersive days which means a session could be between 3-6 hours during the day depending on your body and nervous system. This allows more spaciousness for hands-on work. I usually suggest 4-8 immersive sessions.

How do I go about booking a session if I am interested?

  • Start by completing an intake form HERE. Please share you are interested in dearmouring in your intention.

  • Once received, I will reach out to arrange a 30-40 minute complimentary discovery zoom call where we can talk 1:1 and decide if this is the right fit.

  • After the discovery call, we will book 2-4 sessions in advance.

What are your covid and health protocols?

  • I am twice vaccinated and once boosted for covid-19. I do not require the clients to be vaccinated, however, due to the close contact of my work I request all clients do not come to sessions if they are sick or have symptoms. 

  • I use nitrile gloves for genital and touch.

  • I ask for clients to shower right before arriving for their session. If showering is not accessible, I am able to provide that resource.

  • My studio is cleaned and sanitized before and after each client including any items that may be used in session.

  • If you require additional health protocols please let me know and we can discuss this further.

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Immersive Day Rate for Individuals


Immersives can be anywhere between 3 to 6 hours during the day. This provides plenty of ample time for the clients body and nervous system to be open to bodywork.

**Pricing does not include GST/HST for Canadian clients**

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