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Bodywork & In Person Sessions

for individuals and couples

Hand and Leaf

In Person Sessions

In-person sessions are a trauma-informed and client-led approach that fills the niche between therapy and bodywork. I integrate somatics sometimes with a hands on approach (and sometimes hands in). SSE is all about neuroplasticity. It is PLEASURE BASED HEALING - using pleasure as a healing modality specific to sexual and trauma healing. It is body-based sex education where you can map and learn more about your body and pleasure. Genital touch is an option - I am professionally trained to touch genitals. This offering is sometimes for learning more about your body and your pleasure, scar de-armoring, anatomy mapping, pleasure mapping, and healing sexual trauma.⁠

The Details

Where is my studio located?

  • I am location in Calgary, AB. Once we have set up the dates of our sessions, the exact address will be provided. *Accessibility note: I have 3 steps leading up to my studio.


How long is each session?

  • Each session is 1.5 hours (90 minutes) in length. My rates are charged per 1.5 hour session. I also offer immersive days which means a session could be between 3-6 hours during the day depending on your body and nervous system. This allows more spaciousness for hands-on work.

Do you offer sessions outside of Calgary, AB?

  • I am willing to travel depending on my schedule and with travel expenses covered. We can discuss this in our Discovery Call.

Is there a chance for 2-way or mutual touch?

  • I only offer one-way (me to you) and only ever directed by you. As I do work with couples, you may book as a couple and practice 2-way touch together.

Do I have to be nude?

  • Absolutely not. We work within your window of tolerance for your nervous system. Every session is directed by you based on what you desire and your limits.

What are your covid and health protocols?

  • I am twice vaccinated and once boosted for covid-19. I do not require the clients to be vaccinated, however, due to the close contact of my work I request all clients do not come to sessions if they are sick or have symptoms. 

  • I use nitrile gloves for genital and touch.

  • I ask for clients to shower right before arriving for their session. If showering is not accessible, I am able to provide that resource.

  • My studio is cleaned and sanitized before and after each client including any toys, lube, etc. that may be used in session.

  • If you require additional health protocols please let me know and we can discuss this further.

Reaching Out
Flowers and Hand
Flowers and Hand


1.5 Hour Session Rate for Individuals


Immersive Day Rate for Individuals


Immersives can be anywhere between 3 to 6 hours during the day. This provides plenty of ample time for the clients body and nervous system to be open to bodywork. I highly recommend this for clients looking for pelvic and genital dearmouring.


1.5 Hour Session Rate for Couples


**Sliding scale is available to those in need upon request**

**Pricing does not include GST/HST for Canadian clients**

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