Relationship by Design Program

This carefully curated program helps couples and poly pods cultivate playful, pleasurable relationships. It is an excellent way to create a stronger foundation for intimacy and recommended for anyone looking to navigate non monogamy.


There are 7 weekly 75-minute sessions and each is 1:1 with me via zoom. These sessions will help you to develop things like: a clearer understanding of consent, giving and receiving, check-ins, a mindful erotic practice, exploration of your fantasies and an understanding of how to venture outside the ‘charmed circle’ of sexuality in a healthy, safe and sane way.

A intake form must be completed followed by a discovery call to see if we are a good fit for each other. If typing/writing the intake form is not accessible to you, please let me know and I can offer a different method.

While we are working together, email support is available to check-in and support accountability.

1-2 months after completing the program, you will EACH be welcome to book a 30-minute check-in chat with me.

Session Breakdown

Sessions 1 + 2 combined = Intake & Being a Good Taker
*as this is a longer session, we will have a break halfway through*

Session 3 = Wheel of Consent & Communication Formation

Session 4 = Love Styles, Life Styles & Gender Exploration

Session 5 = Pleasure Play and Presence

Sessions 6 = Rediscovering Your Fantasies

Sessions 7 = Client directed session or overflow from previous sessions and Harvesting, Savoring and Reflections


$900 / couple

**I offer this to a limited amount of couples at a time**
**Additional people welcomed for $30/person per session**
**Sliding scale is available to those in need upon request**
**Pricing does not include GST/HST for Canadian clients**

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Do you have questions?

Email me directly HERE and we can chat more about the Relationship by Design Program!


Taara has been a dream facilitator in our somatic journey. Being both new to the process and values of a somatic practice, it could have felt overwhelming or intimidating, instead it felt intriguing/liberating/enlivening... getting to learn about myself and my partner in new ways feels amazing. After ten years of partnership, to be able to have a deeper level of understanding and intimacy with one another... feels incredible. Taara led us over a 7-session journey (if available go for the 9 session, we wish we had!). She was so compassionate, encouraging each of us, and has a beautiful way of holding space for this type of deeply intimate work. I can't recommend her enough!! We're still riding high from our journey with her, and hope to continue it to new levels in the future! -E&C