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Blooming Eroticism

A Circle for Women


May 18, May 25, May 31,

June 7, June 21 (ends on Summer Solstice)


You are welcome to arrive online after 6:45pm
Circle opens 7:00pm & closes at 8:30pm (MST)



About the Program

Are you ready to tap into your primal nature of sensation and reclaim your pleasure? Join us for Blooming Eroticism: A Circle for Women, a five-week program designed to help you widen the realm of your senses and incorporate eroticism into your self-care plan. Led by our experienced facilitator, you will be in circle with other women to explore the tension between excitation and inhibition, and learn how to manifest eroticism in your thoughts, actions, and words.


Each week, we will dive into a different aspect of blooming eroticism, starting with rewiring your pleasure and ending with a summer solstice mindful erotic practice. Our sessions will include embodied mirror work, pleasure mapping, and mindful touch, among other practices that will help you build somatic awareness, develop communication skills, and learn what you like. 


Our circle is a safe and supportive space where you can honor your needs, wants, and desires, and empower yourself and each other. By the end of the program, you will have a deeper understanding of your own pleasure, and the many ways you can open yourself up to experiencing it.


Eroticism blooms from the tension between excitation and inhibition and manifests in the things we say and do, by how we act, and by how we think. We tend to think of eroticism as a sexual state shared by two or more people, but really, it starts with the individual. And it requires practice. When we’re on our own, we mostly know what gets “the job” done. Porn. Toys. Intense focus on a specific sweet spot followed by a quick finish. But to truly experience the benefits of eroticism, it can’t be treated as a job. So why are we so quick to punch in and punch out? Are we afraid of what may happen when we slow down and really spend some quality time with ourselves?"

-Ester Perel

Session Outline

Circle 1

Circle 2

Circle 3

Circle 4

Circle 5

REWIRE YOUR PLEASURE: We set our circle container, share introductions and dive into experiencing our direct pleasure route. The direct pleasure route helps us to notice and tap into our primal nature of sensation; this route is often closed to some degree as a result of shame, guilt and social pressure. For some, it’s rusted shut. Embodying what it means to access this route can offer you the opportunity to reclaim your pleasure and set the foundation for magic to emerge.

THE ART OF HONORING YOU: What do you really really want? How do you notice, value and communicate your needs, wants and desires? Many women are reluctant to ask for what they want; some may not even know how to identify it. Frequently women are taught, from a very early age, to put the needs of others above their own. How does this impact their own eroticism? Women who devote their energies solely to pleasing others have lost touch with their own pleasure. Let’s get back to honoring you.

REUNITE & NUTURE HER: What does reuniting with “her” look like for you? How would you nurture, hold and see “her”? Embodied mirror work is powerful, healing, and full of wisdom. We empower ourselves and each other as we reunite and nurture her in our circle.

MINDFUL TOUCH: We experiment with mindful touch while exploring pleasure and noticing what feels good. Pleasure mapping our own bodies supports the development of somatic awareness and communication skills while we learn what we like. It helps with building sensation, and evolving the nervous system to feel more pleasure – sometimes in ways we didn’t know was possible.

MINDFUL EROTIC PRACTICE (on summer solstice): It can be challenging and even daunting to make 1:1 time with yourself. Imagine waiting your whole life for the precious moment that you’re ready to receive pleasure AND that moment never arriving. Feel the support of other women in the circle as you unearth what a mindful erotic practice could look like, and the many ways we can open ourselves up to experiencing pleasure.

Sometimes, pleasure can come from the everyday things and everyday rituals with
the right kind of magic….


limited space of 10 registrations - open to folks whose identity include "woman" some or all of the time.

$111 + GST

Please complete the registration form below and I will contact you about the next steps!

Program Registration
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