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Boundary & Embodied Consent Coaching

Get better boundaries, overcome people pleasing, invite more intimacy and improve communication to your relationships, have hotter sexual experiences, notice what YOU need and desire. Boundary and embodied consent coaching offers exercises and tools for personal empowerment.

I help Clients:

To notice, value, trust and communicate their needs and desires.

To notice and be responsible for their boundaries.

Learn simple touch practices/games to take home.

Identify the tendency to go along with what is being done and how to reverse it.

Gain confidence and clarity in their ability to touch.

Notice they have a choice about how they are being touched and how to choose how they want to be touched.

**This coaching is influenced and inspired by the Wheel of Consent® as developed by Dr. Betty Martin. I have trained with the School of Consent, but I am not a certified facilitator. For more information visit **


Each session is 60 minutes long via Zoom, FaceTime, phone or alternate platform for communication

A intake form must be completed followed by a discovery call to see if we are a good fit for each other. If typing/writing the intake form is not accessible to you, please let me know and I can offer a different method.

The first session is the initial intake and assessment. During the intake we do exercises in boundary-setting,  discuss goals and intentions and clarify your plan for future sessions.

I offer this type of coaching to individuals, couples and poly-pods.


1 Sessions: $100.00
2 Sessions: $195.00
5 Sessions: $450.00

1 Sessions: $110.00
2 Sessions: $210.00
5 Sessions: $500.00

*additional people welcomed for $30/person per session*

**Sliding scale is available to those in need upon request**

**Pricing does not include GST/HST for Canadian clients**

Intake Forms

Interested in working with me? Please complete an intake form below:

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