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Romantic Couple

Relationship by Design

Live Group Program


February 2, 2023



Every Thursday @ 7pm MST (mountain standard time)

*Recordings will be available*


online via zoom

About the Program

This is your opportunity to access all the benefits of this program in a small group setting! This carefully curated program helps couples embody pleasure, notice and communicate their desires, learn erotic touch and cultivate their relationship on their terms. It is an excellent approach to creating a stronger foundation for intimacy and exploring more about their pleasure and fantasies within their relationships.

There are 6 weekly 75-minute sessions. These sessions help you to develop things like: a clearer understanding of embodied pleasure, noticing your desires, giving and receiving, a mindful erotic practice, mindful masturbation, exploration of your fantasies and how to communicate them, and discover erotic massage and touch as a couple.

Session Outline

Session 1 + 2 combined
*as this is a 2.5 hour session there will be a break halfway through*

Session 3:

Session 4:

Session 5:

Session 6:

Session 7:

EMBODIED PLEASURE: Sessions 1 and 2 are combined for this 2.5 hour start to the program. We start with introductions, container setting and agreement making. Some fun somatic assessments are offered and we have a break halfway through. We shift into an introduction to noticing pleasure in your body and experiencing the different types of pleasure.⁠

CONSENT & NOTICING YOUR DESIRES: What are YOUR desires? What is your body telling you it wants? What is it telling you about your limits? What is the difference between accepting and allowing? Taking and serving? We explore different types of receiving and giving through touch and somatic exercises.⁠

PLEASURE, PLAY, PREESENCE & MINDFUL MASTURBATION: Exploring what masturbation is to you. How do you self pleasure? We dive into what creating a Mindful Erotic Practice may look like and explore other ways to experience pleasure.⁠

REDISCOVERING FANTASIES & YOUR RELATIONSHIP: We discuss the "Charmed Circle" and how that can impact our sex, sexuality and relationships. You get an invitation to explore your specific desires and fantasies and learn ways to share this with your partner.⁠

EROTIC MASSAGE & TOUCH FOR COUPLES: Learning more about erotic touch and massage for couples. Invitations and information on how to actively receive with breathe and movement, and how to be an attentive and willing giver.

GROUP DIRECTED & HAVESTING, SAVORING AND REFLECTIONS: We can cover any topics that you enjoyed, try something new or use this time to harvest, savor and reflect. The choice is yours!⁠


$300/couple if enrolled BEFORE January 2, 2023

$450/couple after January 2, 2023

Please complete the registration form below and I will contact you about the next steps!

Program Registration
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